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The physician and author Dr. Felix Schlagintweit

Felix Schlagintweit born on the 21.09.1868 in Bamberg (North Bavaria, D). He studied medicine in Munich and attaining and specialized itself on the urology. This specialty of the medicine emerged just first in that time. Felix formed himself through several trips to capacities of this specialty at other universities. It worked futhermore as a colleague and later as the publisher of the Journal for urology. Therein he published many of his works, above all the invention of the Rearviewzystoscope (Sorry, but couldn't find any translation). Finally he wrote three specialty books, within the work urology of the practical physician.

Felix Schlagintweit
Dr. Felix Schlagintweit

He lived and worked in Munich until his house and his functioning site was completely destroyed by bombs in the Second World War. Afterwards he moved to Urfahrn nearby the Chiemsee (Southeast of Munich, D) where he lived and practiceen the last years up to his death 1950. His grave is located in the vicinity of his last effect site on Frauenchiemsee (island on the Chiemsee, D). It is located in the little public part of the cemetery at the cloister church, lain at the eastern cemetery wall.

Grave of Felix Schlagintweit
The grave of Felix Schlagintweit on the Fraueninsel (island on Chiemsee, D)

Beside to his scientific achievements, Felix was an artist. It published private printings of text books to the Magic Violin, to Rameaus Platea for friends and to his characteristic musical comedy the trap. After that in 1935 Napoleon III, Lulu and Eugenie followed and his certainly best known work an enamored life 1943. Yet therewith not enough: in 1906 he became the theater director in Salzburg (A) for Mozarts opera Rè pastore.

The book an enamored life is about the life memories of Felix. He tells therein cheerfully, charming and elated of encounters with women, friends and colleague, of student festivals at the time around the century turning point, of experiences and strokes, that even today it makes you grin.

Hans Carossa wrote on the appearance of the book of "Bavaria's and Munich's best time" that was kept here and added: "many an of the boys will hardly believe that there once was a so happy, generous, out of true cultivation grown life possible."

The grave of Felix Schlagintweit on the Fraueninsel

His grave is located on the cloister cemetery of the Fraueninsel in the Chiemsee (Bavaria, D). During a visit in June 2000, we made the pictures.

  grave disk   The inscription of the grave disk
(here only translation)

"Here rests Felix
(snake) a physician and
from Munich
(heart) he lived, loved,
led and died (cross)
in Urfahrn* on
the 17th May in the year 1950
Also Monna his
wife rests here"

 * (village nearby the Chiemsee, D)

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