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Name's history

Here you can read the meanings of our name, as far as we know.

Our ancestors in the Middle Ages were knights, this is expressed in our familiy's coat of armes. The german word "Schlag" means "beat", as a symbol for it there is a sword on the coat of armes. "weit" can be translated with "far away / distance" symbolised by the arrow. The syllable "int" is a transformation of the german word "und" (="and"). The first known representitive of our family there was a revolutionary, who was hanged in Vienna (capital of Austria).

In 1752 the shoemaker Josef Schlagintweit emmigrated to America. He arrived in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the "father" of most of our relatives on the American Continent. Many spellings of the name came up as on passenger lists of ships and on weddings, as it was tried to write this german name.

In this part we like to mention that, as far as we know, all who have the name "Schlagintweit" are relatives.

Different Spellings

Other spellings we know:

In Europe:
Schlagentweit Schlagentweith Schlagintweith Schlagitweith
In America:
Saluenwhite Schalagemeit Schlagentwait Schlagentwaith Schlagentweid
Schlagentweit Schlagenwaite Schlagenwaith Schlagenweid Schlagenweit
Schlagenweith Schlagenwhite Schlagenwiet Schlagintweid Schlagintweit
Schlaginweit Schlaugenweid Schlogenwait Sclagenwhite Selagenwhite
Slachenwaite Slackgenwaits Slagentwydt Slagenwait Slagenweid
Slagenweit Slagenwhite Slagenwite Slagheneit Slaghenweit
Slakenwight Slannwhit Slanwhite Slauenwhite Slauenwight
Slauenwite Slaugennhite Slaugenwhite Slaugenwhiye Slaughanwhite
Slaughenhite Slaughenweit Slaughenwhit Slaughenwhite Slaughenwite
Slaugheweit Slaughnwhite Slaughtenwhite Slaughweit Slaughwhite
Slauinwhite Slaunenwhite Slaunewhite Slaunnwhite Slaunweit
Slaunwhite Slaverwhite Slawemwhite Slawenite Slawenwhite
Slawenwite Slawgenwhite Slawgnwhite Slawnwhite Sloanwhite
Slochgenwaitz Slockenwaitz Slongworth Slouenwhite Slowenwhite

Many Thanks to Bob Hegerich for the list of all spellings in America.

Our coat of arms

Since through the start of this Homepage an exchange has started, it came up that there are more different but still equal versions of our family's coat of armes. So today beside the coat of armes on the upper left we know a "Schlagintweit'sches Burgwappen" (coat of armes used in a castle), the "Stammwappen Familie Schlagintweit" (crest to the Family tree) and the "Adelswappen (crest for the raise to knight) from the Brothers Hermann and Robert (download see below). The two symbols, the sword and the arrow, as explained in the Name's history are clearly shown in all of them.

The "Stammwappen" holds the following explaination:
(here only translation with comments)
The Schlagintweit Family which came from the Bavarien Forest (small mountains in Germany on the border to the Czech Republic) hold this as the family's coat of armes since the 15th century: blue and silver diagonaly dividing the shield, which contains in the blue field a silver sword with a golden handle; in the silver field a blue feathered arrow, pointing upwards. On the helmet a flight? with a picture of the coat of armes.

Burgwappen "Schlagintweit'sches Burgwappen"
(coat of armes used in a castle)

Stammwappen "Stammwappen Familie Schlagintweit"
(crest to the Family tree)

Adelswappen "Adelswappen" of the Brothers Hermann and Robert
(crest for the raise to knight)

Many thanks to Peter for the "Burgwappen" and to Tino for the "Stammwappen".

The pictures offered here are only for use within the Family
and only for private use.
Any commercial use is prohibited.

Because it was often asked about, we offer these coat of armes in a better quality here for download:
Wappen (500 kB), Burgwappen (500 kB), Stammwappen (500kB), Adelswappen (480kB).

Note: If anybody, from our family or not, knows more about the name, please contact us. Please use our contact details in the imprint.

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